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Week 8: Tuesday Reading Questions

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University of Illinois
Classical Civilization
CLCV 115

CLCV111115ATraillFall2013CourseReadingQuestionsWeek8T15OctoberPERSEUSANDMYTHSOFTHEARGIVEPLAINPowell6theditionChapter13Powell7theditionChapter141Find Argos Mycenae the Cyclades the Caucasus mountains Egypt and Ethiopia on a map Which of these did Perseus foundPerseus founded Mycenae2What is the principal account of the myth of Io Who wrote itPrometheus Bound by Aeschylus3Who is Io What was her connection with HeraWith Zeus Did she welcome this connection with ZeusIo is the daughter of Melia and Inachus She was a priestess of Hera and lover of Zeus She did not welcome this connection to Zeus 4How are Argus Hermes and Prometheus involved in Ios storyArgus was set to watch over Io and make sure that she couldnt go anywhere and Zeus sent Hermes to slay Argus and free Io Hera then sent a gadfly to torment Io and she wandered all over and into the Caucasus Mountains where she finds Prometheus who then tells her what will happen to her in the future 5Where does Ios story end How are the Danaids connected to herIn Egypt she will regain human form and be p
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