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Week 9: Thursday Reading Questions
Week 9: Thursday Reading Questions

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Classical Civilization
CLCV 115

CLCV111115ATraillFall2013CourseReadingQuestionsWeek9T22OctoberTHESEUSANDTHEMYTHSOFATHENSPowell6theditionChapter15Powell7theditionChapter161 Find Troezen Athens and Thebes on a map2 With which Greek city was Theseus associated What important development in the legends surrounding him took place during the sixth and fifth centuries Why did this happen at this time and placeththAthens During the 6 and 5 centuries Athens became an important military power and cultural center This happened because Find the answer in the first paragraph of the chapter p414 3 What three claims did the Athenians make about their own mythical origins 1 they were descended from a mortal named Cecrops 2 they were autochthonous sprung from the earth like grasshoppers 3 they were descended from Athena after whom the city was named 4 Who was Erichthonius How was he conceived and born Erichthonius was an early king of Athens who succeeded Cecrops He was born in this way Athena had gone to Hephaestus smithy for repair of her weapons Missing Aphrodite whom he had divorced he pursued Athena lustfully across the Acropolis He caught up to her and ejaculated semen onto her leg In disgust Athena wiped it off on a piece of wool and threw it to the ground Up sprang Erichthonius whose name means the man of wool and earth 5 Who were the three women charged with protecting his basket and what happened to them Where have we seen this story type beforeThe 3 women were the daughters of Cecrops Aglaurus Herse and Pandrosus Athena warned them to not look inside the basket but Aglaurus and Herse couldnt resist and were driven mad by the sight of a serpentchild combination They then leaped from the Acropolis to their deaths We have seen this story before in Zeus and Semele 6 Who were the arrephoroi and what did they do for Athena What is their connection to the women in question 7The arrephoroi were 2 young girls who lived all year long in a special house on the Acropolis weaving a robe offered each year to the statue of Athena Their connection to the women in question 7 are7 Draw a genealogical chart connecting Herse Hermes Cephalus Erechtheus Procris EosAurora and Phaethon
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