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Week 11: Tuesday Reading Questions

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Classical Civilization
CLCV 115

CLCV111115ATraillFall2013CourseReadingQuestionsWeek11T5NovemberHERACLESPowell6theditionChapter14outofsequenceinPowellPowell7theditionChapter15outofsequenceinPowell1 Find the Peloponnese Crete Attica and the Strait of Gibraltar on a map2 Identify two ways that Heracles is like Gilgamesh What is Heracles Roman name He is similar in image and careerHis roman name is Hercules3 Who are Heracles parents What was unusual about his conception Who else was born at the same timeParents are Alcmena and Amphitryon and Zeus Zeus slept with Alcmena first and then Amphitryon did and both had a child by her Hercules was a hero while his twin brother Iphicles was normal4 Briefly summarize two stories that depict Heracles as an unusual child Where did Amphitryon send him to be raisedHe strangled snakes when he was only days old He also bashed his music teachers head in when the teacher complained that he broke the strings on the instrument He was acquitted of murder because he claimed selfdefense5 Who was Eurystheus and how did he come to have power over HeraclesEurystheus is Heracles cousin and the king of Hera prevented 6 Name Heracles three wives Who were the Heraclids and what do they do after Heracles death1237 Name the author and work that dramatizes the end of Heracles first marriage What happens to him What happens to his family Who is responsible8 Identify and briefly describe the Twelve Labors of Heracles Please include the geographical adjective for each Lernaean Hydra not just Hydra 1
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