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University of Illinois
Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE 198

Your NamenetidGroupNamenetidNamenetidNamenetid ECE 198 Worksheet 10 Digital Maze You have just been hired Fisher Bradley to design a new line of maze toys for young children To implement the toy you need to design a state machine that asks the child to complete a series of maze puzzles like the followingThe child starts in the upperleft corner of the maze and must find hisher way to the exit in the bottom right 1 23 5 4 6 7 Your finite state machine must meet the following specifications a The child can navigate the maze by pressing only one button at a time on a keypad that has four buttons up down left and right b Your state machine must keep track of where the child is in the maze but does not need to display where heshe is in the maze or what direction heshe is facing c The state machine must tell the child whether the chosen move allows himher to exit the maze or causes himher to arrive back at the entrance of the maze d The child must press down to enter the maze and to exit the maze 1 How many input variables do you need to implement your finite state machineWhy 2 or 4 depending on whether the input bits are encodedup U down D left L right R2 How many output variables do you need to implement your finite state machineWhy 3bump B exit X entrance E3 What information do your states need to storeWhat information does not need to be stored Why Moore Start State Entrance one state for each cell End state Exit1
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