ENGL 109 Lecture 3: 1/18 notes

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25 Jan 2019
ENGL 109 1/18 notes
Safe fear
Good fright and nobody gets hurt
“pleasing fear”
Who’s doing the writing and who’s doing the reading
Novels were very, very expensive- bound in leather, good quality paper
They did not buy novels because they needed to feed their families
Owning books is a luxury thing
If a family during the early 19th century owns a book, it’s going to be a family bible
Passed down through generations
That doesn’t mean that people didn’t have access to books
Books during this time were divided into volumes
The people who were doing this kind of reading were probably educated and have
disposable income
Super wealthy = own library
If you were anyone who read books or were educated, you knew who Radcliffe was
She didn’t have to work- rare thing
Leather bound books lasted the longest
Chat books- same thing as paperbacks or street literature
Chat books only 36 pages, very small, and were very popular
A lot cheaper- if you had any disposable income
How people consumed literature
A lot of time just outright plagiarism
Gift book- volume single (maybe leather bound or not good leather) and have poetry in
it, a couple short stories, light entertainment for kids
Wilkinson wrote a lot for chat books and gift books
Romances looked down on as trash
Earliest kinds of popular literature- a larger reading public can sit down and read it
A lot of books in the 19th century were anonymous- a lot of times it’s because they’re
written by women
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