MCB 150 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Lipid Bilayer, Cell Membrane, Hydrogen Bond

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Problem solving Exam 1
Learning catalytics
Identify each of the following characteristics that would increase the stability of
the plasma membrane of an animal cell. Choose all that apply.
More saturated fatty acids
Straight chains, more interactions, increase stability
Longer average tail length
Longer tail, more surface area, more interactions, increase stability
Lower temperature
Decrease energy, increase interactions, increase stability
Less cholesterol at low temps
At low temps, want less cholesterol because if you increase
cholesterol, that means that the membrane would be more fluid
If you increase stability, that means you decrease fluidity. This happens
when the phospholipids get too far apart and the membrane would
You are attempting to re-create the mouse/human hybrid cell fusion experiment
described in your screencasts. You believe you are performing the procedure the
same as it was initially performed, but it takes only half the time for the
fluorescent proteins to evenly distribute. Which one of the following statements
most likely describes the reason for the difference in your data?
Answer = The phospholipids in this procedure had a shorter average fatty
acid tail length than in the original experiment.
Our experiment = shorter, which means that our membranes were more
stable. Something makes the membranes more fluid
Arrange the following molecules in the correct order, from least likely to most
likely to pass across a purified phospholipid bilayer? (Be sure to use the "<"
symbol between your answers.)
Cl- < C6H12O6 < H2O < N2
Charged molecules WILL NOT go through. (Cl-)
Both C6H12O6 and H2O are polar, but C6H12O6 is much larger.
Small, uncharged, and NONPOLAR molecules (will go through) will
usually go through (N2, nonpolar (hydrophobic) and small)
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