1 Mar 2018

Please answer the 3 following question and provide a short reasonwhy you chose your answer.
31. You observe that in certain families the segregation of atruncated deletion variant of a chromosome
correlates with developing adult onset diabetes. This observationprovides direct experimental evidence for
which of the following. (choose one answer)
A) Chromosome theory of inheritance.
B) The cell theory of life.
C) DNA constitutes the genetic material.
D) Chromosomes have to be a certain length to preventdisease.

32. Which of the following statements concerning membrane fluidityare correct?
A) Non-covalent interactions between lipid fatty acid tails arewhat ultimately cause the phase transition of
membranes from a fluid state to a frozen state.
B) Increased fatty acid tail length and saturation will tend todecrease membrane fluidity.
C) The presence of cholesterol in the membrane will make lipidbilayers less fluid at high temperatures.
D) The presence of cholesterol in the membrane will make lipidbilayers more fluid at low temperatures.
E) All are correct
F) A, B and C are correct
G) A, B and D are correct

33. Which of the following contribute to the asymmetric nature oflipids in the plasma membrane?
A) There is a limited set of enzymes that transfer specific lipidhead groups during lipid biosynthesis.
B) The enzymes that catalyze glycolipid synthesis are only found onthe lumen side of the ER
C) Lipid rafts flip specific phospholipids from one leaflet of themembrane to the other.
D) The rapid diffusion of proteins in the plane of the membrane canforce lipids to jump from one side
of the membrane to the other.
E) All of the above

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1 Mar 2018

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