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Lecture 4

MCB 245 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Chapter House

Molecular and Cell Biology
Course Code
MCB 245
Z Fazal

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Positions Name
Apparel Chair (2 max) Hendrik
Bar Chair Phil Edat
Caf Chair Thomas Nute Gilmartin
Chapter Room Chair Koz
Foyer Chair- Lil nish
Composite Chair Rudolph
Front Room Chair- Harmon
Grounds Chair 20s 20.5
House Detective O’grady Sarang
1 West Chair- Haloulos
House Manager Ackerma
Mail Room Chair Koz
Intramural Chair Andre
Laundry Room Chair Haloulos
Rec Room Chair Hendrik Condon
Moleland Chair Gilmartin
Barndance Chair
Stairwells Chair Rudolph
Women's Bathroom- Tim Manning
Weight Room Chair Ben Wilson
2 West Chair Kush
2 East Chair Koz
Mountain Chair O’Grady Joe Scheri
Tolerance Chair Big Nish
Head Scholarship Chair Christian Inciong
Pregame Chair
(Need 3, 20s)
Koz Condon Harmon and Leahy
Paranormal Chair Griff Krupp
Dad’s Weekend Chair Nog
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