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Lecture 16

PSYC 100 Lecture 16: 16. Treatment

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PSYC 100
E Kim

16. Treatment 2016년 11월 17일 목요일 오후 1:52 Treatment - Recipient ○ In yearly average 20% of Americans receive therapy, 4% currently in therapy ○ Women > Men ○ Caucasians > Other races - Provider ○ Psychiatrists: Medical doctors; can prescribe drugs; focus on chemical imbalance ○ (Clinical) Psychologists:Typically PhD+; typically to drugs; focus on altering psychological processes 1. Psychotherapy: Treating a disorder through talking and other psychological means a. PsychodynamicsTherapy (Psychoanalysis) i. Classic 1) Free association: Say whatever that comes to mind 2) Interpretation: Unconscious basis 3) Dream analysis: Manifest vs. Latent 4) Resistance: Avoid confrontation 5) Transference: Project onto therapist 6) Working through: Work through problems i. Contemporary 1) Interpersonal therapy a) Strengthen social skills, cope with interpersonal problems, conflicts, and life transitions b) Focus: Interpersonal relationships c) Originally: Treat depression, eating disorder, substance abuse a. Humanistic i. Person Centered 1) Client's goal and ways of solving problems 2) Therapists: Authentic, provide true reactions; unconditional positive regard; empathy ii. Gestalt Therapy
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