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PSYC 100

Human Development • Post hoc fallacy -The false assumption that since one event happened before another that it must have a causal relationship with the later event • Bidirectional influences - influencing each other,not clear directional influence • Gene-Environment Interaction - the impact of genes on behavior depends on environment • Nature via nurture - children with certain genes seek out certain environments • Gene expression - certain environments can turn off or turn on gene expression • Physical Development ⿞Zygote (fertilized egg) > Blastocyst (ball of identical cells) > embryo (2nd-8th week,lots of characteristics and organs form) > fetus (maturation) ⿞Teratogens - environmental factors that can have a negative impact on prenatal development • Cognitive Development ⿞Piaget'sTheory ‣ Children think differently than adults ‣ Development occurs in stages ‣ Kids try to match their thoughts with their experiences,equilibration ‣ Schemas:basic units of knowledge/ how the world works;increase in complexity with time ‣ Assimilation:process of absorbing new experiences into current knowledge structures ‣ Accommodation:act of alternating a belief to make it more comparable with experience ‣ Cognitive development happens in 4 Stages 1. Sensorimotor (birth-2yrs) - learning sensory perception and motor skill,cannot think abstractly, no object permanence (objects exist even when you aren't experiencing them),no mental representations (ability to think about things not in their immediate surroundings) 2. Preoperational (2-7yrs) - learning of symbolism,language,and movement away from animism (belief that inanimate objects have living characteristics) A. Egocentrism - inability to understand that others see the world differently than they do B. Development of Co
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