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PSYC 224 Lecture Notes - Satisficing, Suggestibility, Flowchart

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PSYC 224

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Cognitive Psych 09/03/2013
Important because...
We use our minds all the time
Knowing how the mind works makes us able to improve
Critical thinking
What you measure isn’t what you want to know
Inferences can be biased
Mozart and Aqua music experiment with babies
Stroop test- color word thingy
1. Conflict slows us down
Color not being the same as word and saying color slows us down; just reading the word isn’t as difficult
2. Reading words is faster than color naming for adults
* upside down words and color presented first doesn’t stop stroop effect
Research Methods
Eye movement monitoring
Voice recording
Scalp electrical potentials
Mouth and tongue movements

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The Challenge
Mental events and processes are
often not (yet) well- defined
part of a complex system
Descriptive research
Naturalistic Observation
Konrad Lorenz- ducklings!
Ethology- study of naturally occurring behavior
Reaction to behaviorism
mind=blank slate, tabula rasa
study of observable behavior in a controlled setting
Animals and humans have a predisposition to learn certain things
Rats easily pair
New food and sickness
Bright light and electrical
Hard for them to pair
Bright lights and sickness

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

New food and electrical shock
Rats are sensitive to how food affects them
Pain is more likely to come from a visual stimuli (predators)
Evolution can guide behavior
Critical period
Sign stimuli
Does a penny bring good luck?
Observational study
Careful and sound methods
Sample size  large sample  better info
Magnitude of difference  bigger differences mean the results were less likely due to chance
Variability- small variability allows better ability to detect differences
Confounding Variables- not interested in but may interfere with experiment
Phones+ Accidents example
Weather outside, types of accidents
Schizophrenia and neighborhood example
Economics, pollution, genetics
Penny Example
Independent variable- what is being manipulated; hypothesized to cause some
The Penny
Dependent Variable- What will change because of IV, observed and recorded
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