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Lecture 8

CLJ 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: John Wayne Gacy, Serial Killer, SpreePremium

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Criminology, Law, and Justice
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CLJ 101
Mc Carty Bill

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CLJ 101 Intro to Criminology Unit: Serial Killers
Multicide: the killing of at least 3 victims
Cooling off period: A period of more than 30 days from the 1st killing to the last.
Mass Murder
Spree Murder
Serial Murder
At least 3
At least 3
At least 3
One event
At least 3 events
At least 3 events
One location
At least 3 locations
At least 3 locations
Cooling off Period
Myths about Serial Killers
1) All serial killers come from ***ABUSIVE*** backgrounds
Truth: About 60-70% do.
2) There is an epidemic of serial murder in the US
Truth: data doesnt support this
3) All serial killers abused animals and set fires as children
Truth: most have previous criminal backgrounds
4) All serial killers kill for sex
Truth: some kill for profit, some for power/control over others and/or due to
deep psychosis (mental problems)
Case Study: John Wayne Gacy
Born: March 17, 1942
Grew up: Chicago, IL
Killed at least 33 individuals, most of them young men
Father was physically abusive
Father never displayed positive emotions towards his children
Physical maladies, including seizures, fainting, and heart difficulty
General M.O. (typical methods of how he committed these crimes)
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