CHI 322 Lecture 1: Lecture 8-28. Society and Self in Classical Chinese Art

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8/28/18 Lecture Notes
The stereotype is that the Western world is individual focused whereas the East is collective.
China is not an organic entity. China does not do this and that because China is not one thing.
Art is not static in ancient China. People might write a poem on a painting they bought. They
may stamp their name on it. Each artwork was affected by its owner. Art was shared.
The consumer of the art gives the painting meaning. The figure cannot exist without the ground
and vice-versa.
The figure is there but you never want to let go of the ground. In ancient China you really see
that. Many Judo-Christians are supposed to act on self, outside of society but without a
connection to a god it is hard to create that separation from society.
Don’t just think about the definition of self- think about the goods. What are the implications of
its definition? How does it interact?
We need to look at the good. What’s the benefit of the situation?
You are born into language. Language was never invented. A figure existing on a plane doesn’t
invented “up”, the concept always existed.
We construct our narrative 24/7 as we move through space and time. This 3rd person view is our
Complaint with Charles theory- most of it makes sense but the identity only exists when the
question who are you/ who am I is asked. That question isn’t always historically applicable.
Slaves, for example, could only really answer with who they belonged to.
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