STA 210 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Three Steps, Numeracy

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~ Statistics Lecture #2 ~
Statistical Reasoning Where We Live
o The point of the original chart
was to show the disparity
between Mr. Corbyn’s posts
and others.
o Just how great the disparity is
might be masked by the way
the graph is presented.
o Looks like about 1.75
times likes per post
for Corbyn than
Labour Party page
In reality it’s
5210/750 = 6.9 or almost 7 times as many
o To keep the chart small, the visualizer
only labeled a selection of countries
and highlighted those in electric blue.
The OECD average is highlighted in
pale blue.
o All electric blue colors seem
to belong to a different
grouping to the dark blue
This is not the case.
The only thing they
have in common is
that they were
chosen to be
o At first glance, it appears that the weight and neck sized of dogs are perfectly related.
o That is, as weight decreases, looks like neck size decreases at the same rate.
This turns out to be a little deceptive.
o Some Topics in STA 210
o Primarily about how human
behavior affects our ability to
make reliable human
inferences from statistics
Sometimes those
things are just charts,
graphs, and numbers.
Sometimes they are
formal statistical
constructs like tests of
o Other Topics in STA 210
o Concerned with the formal inference process used in:
Constructing confidence intervals and conducting tests of hypothesis
o What is the Truth?
o No way to know
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