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Lecture 15

CLCIV 101 Lecture 15: Lecture 15

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Classical Civilization
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Richard Janko

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Lecture 15 1. The rise of Athens as artistic center of Greece a. Foundations laid by policies of Solon and Pisistratus b. Wealth of Athenian Empire c. Reactionary regime in Sparta d. Persian Conquest of Ionia e. Archaic period (700-500 BCE) f. Classical Period (from 500 BCE) g. Drama (tragedy & comedy) h. pottery i. History j. Architecture, sculpture, painting k. Techniques and aesthetics 2. Thermon a. Plans of early wooden & later stone Temple of Apollo, 8th-7th century b. Lefkandi: chieftains house 10th century 3. Temples a. Temple of Hera, Olympia 600 BCE b. c. d. Ionic Order: Erechtheum, Athens 410 BCE e. Corinthian Order: Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens f. Egyptian Temple at Luxor 1450 BCE g. Temple of Apollo, Corinth, with monolithic (limestone) columns 550 BCE h. Temple of “Concord”, Acragas, Sicily with monolithic sandstone columns i. The Parthenon by Ictinus, 447-438 BCE in marble j. Athens: Plan of Older Parthenon in 490 BCE with 6x16 columns k. Pericles rebuilds the Acropolis 447 BCE l. Ictinus’ optical illusions: l.i. Columns taper at top, bulge in middle l.ii. Columns leads in, upper parts le
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