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Lecture 19

CLCIV 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Brasidas, Peloponnesian War, Proxeny

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Classical Civilization
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Richard Janko

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Lecture 19
1. Thucydides
a. Athenian general, 460-400 BCE
b. Exiled from Athens after capture of Amphipolis, 424)
2. Aristotle 384-323 BCE
a. Founder, with Thucydides, of political science
3. The massacre at Melos precedes Athens’ defeat at Syracuse in Sicily
4. No gods, but hubris and nemesis, just as in Herodotus
5. Pericles’ advice:
a. Raids by sea
b. No land battles
c. Treat and defend Athens as an island
i. The long walls to Piraeus
6. The Archidamian War 431-421
a. Athenian sea raids on Peloponnesus
b. Spartan land invasions of Attica
c. Refugees fill city of Athens
7. The Great Plague of Athens 430-427
a. Typhoid according to DNA analysis?
b. Death rate: 25% of population
c. Pericles’ punishment and death 429 BCE
8. Thucydides’ assessment:
a. Demagogues led Athens to ruin (Cleon, Alcibiades)
9. Events of 427 BCE
a. Revolt of Mytilene on Lesbos, led by aristocrats
i. The common people surrender to Athens
ii. Mytilene debate: whether to kill them all
iii. Cleon versus Diodotus
iv. Result: “only” 1000 executed
b. The devastation of Plataea in Boeotia
c. Bloody revolution on Corcyra
10. Cleon wins at Pylos, 425 BCE
a. Result: 292 Spartans captured
b. Spartans offer peace
11. 425: Cleon persuades Athens to refuse peace
12. 424-422: Spartan general Brasidas defeats Thucydides at Amphipolis in Thrace
13. 422: Cleon and Brasidas are killed in same battle at Amphipolis
14. 421: peace treaty is signed
15. 421: the peace of Nicias
a. Return of situation of 431
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