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Lecture 8

EARTH 108 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Azores High, Wind Shear, Maximum Sustained Wind

Earth and Environmental Sciences
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Eric Hetland

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Lecture 8: Cyclones: Magnitude
Lecture outline
1) review of science of cyclones
2) steering winds
a) Azores High & Azores-Bermuda ridge
b) Fujuwhara effect
3) factors for intensification/disintegration
4) cyclones as disasters – wind & storm surge
5) cyclone magnitude
Formation of Cyclones:
-Starts with a tropical disturbance, then tropical depression, then a tropical storm.
-In each stage, there is increasing organization and energy/heat.
-a delicate balance
-need right conditions to coalesce thunderstorms into a tropical cyclone
- need right conditions to sustain the cyclone
- As winds converge into the center of the cyclone, the winds become faster
-cyclones are defined by sustained winds greater than 119 km/hr (74 mph)
-the strongest winds are near the eye, and in N. America on the north-to-east side
of the eye
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