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Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
MCDB 310
Kenneth Balazovich

LECTURE 1  Binding site has positive charge to stabilize substrate = structure and function correlation  Enzymes are lines that connect nodes which are different breakdowns of the carbohydrates (aka metabolites) o This map doesn’t tell you how many molecules are moving through the metabolism (depends on time, nutrients, type of cell, etc) o This shows what is possible, not what is actually going on  Carbon is the backbone to cells, nitrogen and oxygen and hydrogen required for life o Bulk elements required for various reasons (i.e. calcium for bone strength, phosphorus for bone and for DNA, etc) o Trace elements are not very abundant (only small fraction in our body) – they are used in enzymes  Example of protein that is used for transport is hemoglobin o RNA can also carry out catalysis (example is ribosome)  Chitin is the animal form of cellulose (in exoskeleton) o Lipids are not connected by covalent bonds like all the other building block types o But they can form big assemblies held together by van der waals forces and other non-covalent bonds  Functional Groups involving oxygen o ROH – alcohol or hydroxl group o RCOH – ketone group or carbonyl o RCOR2 – aldehyde group or carbonyl o RCOOH – carboxyl group  Functional Groups involving hydrogen like to be part of a membrane – don’t like to interact with water  Functional groups involving nitrogen o Amido is a derivative of a carboxyl group (main difference between the two) o In common: both hydrophilic and like to interact with water
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