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University of Massachusetts Amherst
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Allen Gaitenby

Despite Local Opposition Secure Communities To ExpandBy Bianca Vzquez Toness May 9 2012 Updated May 09 848 amBOSTONDespite opposition from Gov Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino Secure Communities a controversial federal immigration program will expand next week in MassachusettsOnce the program is put into place if you are arrested and fingerprinted your fingerprints will automatically be forwarded to Immigration and Customs Enforcement Currently fingerprints are only entered into the FBIs databaseImplementation of the program will have no practical effect on how we handle fingerprints and information sharing here said Terrell Harris a spokesman for Massachusetts Executive Office of Public SafetyWe already send all fingerprints to the federal government and have been doing so for years That practice will continue so we can protect public safety and meet our local law enforcement needsBut ask some sheriffs and they say sharing information will enhance their ability to catch criminals especially criminals who are in the country illegallyStates like Texas started using the program in 2008 and the plan has been to go nationwide by next yearBristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson has lobbied the feds for more than a year to activate Secure Communities throughout Massachus
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