Lecture on March 8th: Moral Development

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Psychology & Brain Sciences
Lori Astheimer Best

Developmental Psychology, Lecture on April 8th Moral Development Prosocial behavior, positive social action performed to benefit others. Prosocial behavior/strategies  comforting.  sharing.  helping. Factors influencing prosocial behavior: Induction, parental technique that relies on the extensive use of reasoning and explanation, as well as the arousal of empathic feelings to influence behavior. Power assertion, parental technique that relies on the use of forceful commands, physical punishment, and removal of material objects or privileges to influence behavior. Antisocial behavior, behaviors used in opposition to prosocial behavior. Antisocial behaviors/strategies:  lying and cheating.  disturbing resources unfairly.  physical and indirect aggression. Development of Fairness:  younger children are not good at distributing resources fairly when another child is not around.  older children 'socialized' for fairness.  individual differences in whether children reveal differences in fairness. Antisocial Behavior: Instrumental aggression, behavior motivated to obtain an object or goal. Causes potential or real physical harm to another. (Sometimes called proactive aggression). Relational aggression, behaviors motivated to hurt another's feelings. (Sometimes called indirect, covert, or social aggression). Some factors often found to be associated with incidences of aggressive and antisocial behavior: Biological,  genetics.  temperament.  prenatal complication. Community,  low resource neighborhoods. Sociocultural factors,  parenting (discipline)  peers (rejection-deviant). Morality as domain-specific knowled
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