Lecture on March 26th: Prejudice and Discrimination

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Psychology & Brain Sciences
John Bickford

Social Psychology, Lecture on March 26th Prejudice and Stereotyping Milgram's variations: Victim pounds on wall then becomes silent  remote feedback (basic scenario) 65% Victim heard protesting  voice feedback 50% Victim in the same room  proximity 40% Teacher has to put victims hand on shock plate  touch-proximity 30% Less prestigious location  study done in Bridgeport, CT 48% Remote experimenter  telephone condition 30% Less authoritative experimenter  younger RA in street clothes has to "substitute" 20% Dissenting research assistants 10% Second experimenter  conflicting instructions 0% Teacher does not deliver shock himself 93% Teacher told to select the level of shock (control)  experimenter legitimizes all levels 3% Replications of Milgram's study: Hofling 1966,  unknown doctor called nurses and asked them to administer twenty milligrams of the drug "Astroten" to a patient on the ward.  nearly all were about to administer the drug before being stopped and debriefed by one of the researchers. Attitudes toward social groups
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