PSYCH 380 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Emotional Dysregulation, Borderline Personality Disorder

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Matthew ingested 100 tabs of LSD and jumped out window when cops
were about to catch him for selling drugs in the dorm
Personality disorder criteria: enduring pattern of inner experience or
behavior that deviates from expectation of one’s culture (2+)
o 1. Cognition how they think
o 2. Affectivity (emotionality) he wont feel bad for a woman lying on
o 3. Interpersonal functioning
o 4. Impulse control takes 100 LSD pills
Antisocial personality disorder criteria: disregard for and violations of rights
of others (3+)
o 1. Unlawful
o 2. Deceitful
o 3. Impulsive
o 4. Irritable and aggressive
o 5. Reckless disregard for safety of self and others
o 6. Irresponsibility
o 7. Lack of remorse if you’re psychopathic you might not feel this
Interpersonal danger signals: de Becker’s gift of fear
o Forced teaming predator tries to convey that they are in same boat
o Over-doing charm and niceness
o Too many details that’s how we know they’re lying
o Typecasting slightly critical, you wouldn’t want to talk to me
o Loan sharking helps them so they feel like they owe them
o Unsolicited promises don’t worry ) won’t hurt you
o Discounting no
Psychological data on Matthew: 49 profile (psychopathic deviate, and manic)
that is profile of a criminal
o He was out on bail and police seized 100,000 $ car and he was angry
o He had a lot of stolen items
o He has a pet snake tormented it by starving it for a week then giving
it a mouse. ) love to watch animals suffer
Textbook Chapter 14
Dimensional vs. categorical diagnosis of personality disorders
o Dimensional
Conceptualize personality disorders as quantitatively rather
than qualitatively different from normal personality
They consist of extreme, maladaptive levels of certain
personality characteristics
o Within the context of personality psychology, a dimension refers to a
continuum on which an individual can have various levels of a
characteristic, in contrast to the dichotomous categorical approach in
which an individual does or does not possess a characteristic.
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