PSYCH 380 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: American Psychiatric Association, Insanity Defense, Amicus Curiae

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Robbie 31 year old tennis player went from 170 to 110 lbs, binging and
purging 4-5 times per day
Anorexia nervosa
o Main difference is extreme underweight and self image
o Distorted self image less than 85% of weight that they should be
Bulimia nervosa
o A. Recurrent binge episodes (1)
1. Eating excessive in 2 hour period
2. Lack of control during episode
o B. Compensatory behaviors to prevent weight gain (vomiting,
laxatives, meds, exercise)
o C. At least once a week for 3 months
o D. Self-evaluation unduly based on weight and shape
Binge eating disorder: binge eating without purging
Textbook Chapter 10
Binging: the ingestion of large amounts of food during a short period of time,
even after reaching a point of feeling full, and a lack of control over what or
how much is eaten
Purging: eliminating food through unnatural methods, such as vomiting or
the excessive use of laxatives
Pica: a condition in which a person eats inedible substances, such as dirt or
feces; commonly associated with mental retardation
Elimination disorders: disorders characterized by age-inappropriate
incontinence, beginning in childhood
Oppositional defiant disorder: a disorder characterized by angry or irritable
mood, argumentative or defiant behavior, and vindictiveness that results in
significant family or school problems
Intermittent explosive disorder: an impulse control disorder involving an
inability to hold back urges to express strong angry feelings and associated
violent behaviors
Conduct disorder: an impulse control disorder that involves repeated
violations of the rights of others and society’s norms and laws
Pyromania: an impulse control disorder involving the persistent and
compelling urge to start fires
Kleptomania: an impulse control disorder that involves the persistent urge to
Cerebral palsy
o Caused by lack of oxygen at birth
o He got stuck in birth canal
Donald Bradway’s biography
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