PSYCH 380 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Mandatory Sentencing, Drug Liberalization, Anterograde Amnesia

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Published on 6 Dec 2016
Sandra employee with temper at bank. Sent to program for swearing at work
and rage towards customers.
Symptoms of borderline personality disorder (5 +)
o Abandonment fear
o Unstable and intense relationships (idealization/devaluation)
o Identity disturbance
o Self-damaging impulsivity (sex, substances, driving, binging, spending,
o Suicidal behavior, gestures, threats, self-mutilation
o Affective instability and reactivity
o Chronic emptiness
o Inappropriate, intense anger
o Paranoid ideation or dissociation
DBT (dialectical behavior therapy): BPD patients will look for vulnerabilities
and attack them. Need to be supportive, not defensive
Splitting: you’re the best person in the world I hate you
Invalidating environment: child desperately craves attention from parents.
Invalidated by parents
TS 3.8 Should the US be more restrictive of gun ownership?
Issue summary
o Influence of DC v. Hller and McDonald v. Chicago in right to bear arms
Yes: president Barack Obama and vice president Joe Biden, speaking in the
wake of the Newtown shooting, discuss why America needs to take a more
proactive stance in limiting control to guns to prevent further mass
o Can respect the second amendment but still keep guns out of the
hands of irresponsible, law-breaking individuals
o Need for American people to be proactive in trying to limit access to
guns (ex. Background checks, no military grade weapons or high
capacity cartridges)
No: columnist Jeffrey Goldberg presents an argument that Americans own
plenty of guns to protect themselves but will only be able to prevent mass
shootings if they are more readily able to carry them at all times.
o It is too late for gun control efforts to have more than a modest effect
o Having the general public more readily able to carry guns will result
in reduced crimes, including mass shootings
Jarrett UMass student, one of his friends murdered his other friend because
he wouldn’t go out on Saturday night, starting using oxycontin, moved away
because that was the only way he could quit
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