PSYCH 380 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Personality Disorder, Dsm-5

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Dialectical behavioral therapy- most used therapy for personality disorders
-Combination of eastern approaches and CBT approaches
-60% effective rate
12% of people in U.S are over the age of 65 - seniors
Psychological disorders of old people may be divided into two groups:
Disorders common in people of all ages but are connected to the process of aging
20% of elderly people
Have the means/capability of lethal methods
Traditional methods of treatment, therapy, SSRIs
6% of men, 11% of women
Substance disorders
Cognition Disorders
1% over age 55, 14% over 85
Clouding of consciousness
Difficulty in focusing attention, concentrating, and thinking sequentially
Major/minor neurocognitive disorder
Substantial decline in at least one of the following: memory and learning,
attention, perceptual-motor skills, planning and decision-making,
language ability, social awareness
In major neurocognitive disorder, these defects interfere with everyday
Treatment- diet, exercise, pills that slow the progression
Alzheimer’s Disease
Usually begins with mild memory problems, lapses of attention, and
difficulties in language and communication
Time between onset and death is about 8 -10 years although some last as
many as 20 years
Type of dementia
find more resources at
find more resources at
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