AFRSTY 101 Lecture Notes - Historically Black Colleges And Universities, The Talented Tenth, Cash Flow

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Published on 15 Sep 2014
September 4, 2014
Christian Serpas
Afrocentricity – The focus and center of the origin from African or African Cultures
Eurocentricity – The focus and center of the origin from Europe or European Cultures
Talented Tenth – Group of scholars, which began from W.E.B Dubois
Middle Passage – The journey from African into the Americas, Europe, and Caribbean.
Radical Democratic Multiculturalism –
Why Africana Studies?
What’s History? – A recorded fact(s) that occurred in a given point in time
Subject – Part of it. Narrators – Retelling the story
Arabic, Chad, Yoruba, Congo.
Silencing the past – cannot tell everything to everyone. Hiding the truth.
African – (30,220,00 sq km) and richest in resources (Oil, Copper, Gold, Petroleum, etc).
Population is at 1,032,532,974 people as of 2011.
Africa = 57 countries
African Diaspora – human resources were essential to produce good in other countries
Recommended Book “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa” – Walter Rodney
1. Basis of Africana Studies always been in African-American community
2. African-American academic community
3. Black power gave birth to the 1960’s Black Studies Movement.
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