BIOL 290 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Anglerfish, Desertion, David Lack

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12 Dec 2018
Evolution of Life History
Thursday, November 15, 2018
4:35 PM
Males cling on to females for nutrients, females get sperm
What is life history?
Timing of important life events; schedule of an organism's life
o Age at maturity
o Lifespan
o Number of reproductive events
What influences life histories
Thrushes vs storm petrels
Storm Petals
Reproduce @ 1
Produce several young; 3-4 per year
Rarely live beyond 3-4
How does selection favor different life histories?
Constraints: how much an organism reproduces
How can we define trade offs
Giving up an advantage for another
o Taking the T vs parking; cant minimize both; have to choose
What is the ultimate currency regarding the evolution of life history?
o Organisms cant have a maximum fitness
o Trade off is necessary
o Trade off sources that maximize
Egg mites
Mother makes one male, several females; the male will mate with sisters; maximizes male fitness;
no competition
Life History Balance Trade offs
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