BIOL 290 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Life Table, Demographic Transition, Survivorship Curve

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12 Dec 2018
Statistical study of populations; predict population growth or
Age Distributions
Number of individuals of each age class represented in the
Age classes; by year, or by sections
Age pyramids: shows what's happening now, and in the past
(modified by mortality events); tells story of birth and death and
shows survivors from the past (baby boom 50 years ago)
o Spain
o United States
o Pakistan; children highest age class
Wide base: high birth rate; most of the population is children
High natality and high mortality= stable population; pattern
between these two determine whether the population is growing,
decreasing or is stable
Rio Grande cottonwoods
No recruitments; step mortality: will die out
Life Table: An age specific summary of survival
Life tables are often constructed by following the fate of a cohort
(in terms of survival)
What's their risk of dying?; invented by insurance companies
Cohort: A group of individuals of the same age (or stage)
Life Table Definitions
o Survivorship:  
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