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Information Technology
IT 110
Jon Frankel

Technology changes rapidly and workers must adapt just as quickly, enhancing their job skills if they wish to remain employable. This means that workers must embrace change and adapt their skills, not only to keep up with technology's evolution, but also to integrate the new technology into a more complex, many-sided approach to work. Technology Education's Role in Improving Workforce Productivity It is critical that productivity increase in order to regain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. The problem of increasing productivity is compounded by the ever changing workplace in which an educated and skilled workforce is needed to adapt to new technological processes. The recent trends in technology and the workplace suggest that the programs curriculum needs modification in order to equip learners with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful. For example, the most effective and efficient method of preparing the future workforce may no longer include vocational education's traditional emphasis on specific technical job skills. Because of the rapid and complex changes in technological knowledge and skill, the specific technical job skills taught in many secondary vocational programs are obsolete when vocational graduates enter the workforce. The development of and increasing reliance on information technologies by public and private organizations has significantly changed how state governments must approach the future. States offering their residents educational opportunities that provide them with useful knowledge and skills, as well as prepare them for active participation in the work force, will attract high- quality businesses and industries. In the past, states without an immense educational system and infrastructure had a difficult time offering the necessary educational opportunities. However, the influence of educational technologies (specifically video conferencing and other distance learning technologies) has now evened the playing field, allowing even states with the most diverse of populations the freedom to extend learning opportunities to all residents. The Impact of IT on the Workforce It is true that technology is having a definite effect on the nature and characteristics of the workforce. New occupations are being created while traditional occupations are being changed or eliminated. The workers that fill these changing occupations must update their knowledge and skills to remain employable. Awider variety of skills are now needed by the workforce. The diversity of occupations has increased to the point where workers must do things that were once performed by many diff
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