American Politics COMPLETE NOTES [Part 12] - I got a 4.0 in the course!

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March 10, 2014 Announcements Midterm - March 12th Wednesday Identification Short Answer Essay Question ➔ Media Effects: Can the media change public opinion? ◆ What effect do media messages actually have on public opinion? ◆ Under what conditions do these effects manifest themselves? ◆ Which individuals are most susceptible to these effects? ➔ Propoganda School ◆ Incredibly Persuasive ● Cause people to actually move and act ◆ Change opinion and behavior simply by airing the news ◆ War of the Worlds ● Radio broadcast that was FICTIONAL ● People thought it was real and people evacuated, went outside and looked for aliens ➔ Minimal Effects School Reception ◆ ● Reception/Acceptance Model ● Exposure ○ Most individuals don’t know much about politics ○ Don’t necessarily care ● Attention ○ Not paying full attention to news ● Comprehension ○ May be exposed to message but they can’t actually comprehend ● Who is Likely to Receive? ○ More educated, engaged, interested individuals ◆ Acceptance ● Characteristic of the source ● Strength of pre-existing attitude ● Communication Environment (Content/Consensual) ● Who is most likely to accept? ○ Less: Educated, engaged, interested ○ Persuasive media?? No.. ● Media doesn’t change attitude, only reinforces existing attitudes ● Evidence of Reception/Acceptance Model ○ Presidential Debates ◆ Media Interpretations have little effect on partisans ● Exceptions of Reception/Acceptance Model ○ Presidential Primary Elections Reception is Low ◆ ● Info is low ◆ Information is difficult to come by No party identification ◆ ◆ Frontrunner ○ Media, through simply reporting the news, can alter how people feel about politics ○ 9/11 and Presidential Approval Ratings ◆ Mass exposure Event is easily understood ◆ ◆ High frequency ◆ Consistent Message ● Every time you turn on the news, there is a message that is consistent throughout all ideologies ● Every democrat and every republican during 9/ 11 ALL agreed to stand by the president ● Public opinion supported the president - almost 90% of all Americans ○ Renewed Respect ◆ Media does not do a good job of telling people what to think (persuasion) Media DOES do a good job of telling people what to ◆ think ABOUT ● Agenda Setting ○ Ability of t
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