American Politics COMPLETE NOTES [Part 14] - I got a 4.0 in the course!

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University of Massachusetts - Boston
Political Science

March 3, 2014 Projector not working today! Just verbal lecture. Midterm Review Sheet passed out Midterm: Identification, Short Answer, and Essay Example of Identification: Affirmative Action - range of policies particularly in education and employment where a candidate’s race/ethnicity/gender plays a role in decision making process - Policy which has been extremely controversial because there are questions regarding legality of it Providing an explanation of term. Definition and significance - there is no ONE answer. Demonstrate why it is an important term in the class. For every Short Answer question, there IS an answer, and it’s usually short! For Essay question: “just answer the question.” Suggested minimum is 3 paragraphs. No office hours tomorrow March 4, 2014. Send email if you have something to talk to Prof. Nteta about. Today’s Question: Affirmative Action ● Policy particularly in education and employment where race/ethnicity/gender is taken into account in decision making process ● Goals are to rectify past discrimination, remedy current discrimination, and increase diversity Why so controversial? ● Legality of the policy ○ Opponents say Aff Act is unconstitutional ○ Violation of Title 7 Civil rights act of 1964: ■ Employers and schools shall not discriminate on basis of race, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation ○ Violation of 14th Amendment of Equal Protection and Treatment under the law ○ Courts have set boundaries around Aff Act ■ First thing Supreme Court did: outlawed quotas ■ Outlawed policies where race/ethnicity/gender is the dominant factor ■ Aff Act achieves compelling governmental interest ● Diversity ● Race is one of many factors ● Notion of Reverse Discrimination ○ Basing hiring or admissions decisions of race/ethnicity/gender goes AGAINST our values and beliefs about equality ○ By employing race/ethnicity/gender in decision, there is discrimination against white men ● Undeserving Advantage ○ Nation based on merit? ● Minorities and women are hurt by Aff Act ○ People may see a black man or a woman in a position of power and think they are not there because of their merit, but because of their identity ● Supporters of Affirmative Action ○ Discrimination is still part of American life ■ Aff Act would dissolve this ○ Diversity - compelling governmental interest ■ Diverse workplace encourages interactions between races ■ Counters racial stereotypes ● Question - in 21st Cent where we have a black president and more open opportunities to minorities..have we reached a level of equality where we don’t have to have po
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