AEM 2021 Lecture 1: Equivalent Forces Continued 2-1-17

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Aerospace Engineering and Mech
AEM 2021
Hesla Todd

Equivalent Forces Continued 2-1-17 Example ReplaceP by an equivalent FCS at C, then replace P by an equivalent system consisting of a vertical force at B, and a force at D FCS: shift P to C (P'), then "add" a couple whose moment = moment of original P about C Replace P: ● Find equivalent FCS at D ● Represent couple as a pair of equal and opposite forces, one at B, one at D, and vertical ● Combine the 2 forces at D, get resultant ● Couple: moment= moment of original P about "new point", D Resultant of a System (new meaning) Single equivalent force to a system N.B. (Nota bene, note well) May not be one resultant → only if moment resultant is perpendicular to resultant Class where there will be a resultant ● All forces are concurrent (all at same point) trivial (find ordinary resultant) ● All forces
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