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Lecture 352014Wednesday March 5 2014121 PMBar bodysee it usually in women if in malesomething wronginactivated X chromosome in femaleneed both x chromosomes in beginning but later it becomes inactivatedbar bodybecomes tightly coiledcant do transcription and translationif its in a male might be XXY Kleinfelter syndromein this case one of the Xs becomes a bar body 23correlation causation sickle cell anemiacorrelationcausationhave set of data very similar to another set of dataex distribution of malaria and sickle cell anemia in Africatheres a connection but not sure that sickle cell causes maleria or vice versa correlated but not necessarily 1 causing the otherwhen have sickle cell trait but not full gene have codominancedont have full disastrous effects but have some of those cells so can resist anemia22cystic fibrosis has same
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