KIN 1871 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Double Dribble, Human Factors And Ergonomics, Home Repair

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6 Oct 2016

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Physical Activity Experience
Self-Sufficiency: physical activity is necessary for self-care; can be used to
judge one's level of independence
oADLs: activities of daily living (brushing teeth, eating)
oIADLs: instrumental activities of daily living (grocery shopping,
oHome maintenance activities (shoveling)
oAging: decline in self-sufficiency
oChallenges for kinesiologists
Discover ways to prevent or slow the decline in function due to
age or decreased overall physical activity levels
Increased physical activity is one of the most effective ways to
decrease the chances of decline in self-sufficiency
Self-Expression: voluntary or involuntary physical actions or movement
based on emotional state
oEmblems: symbolic gesture to nonverbally convey meaning/words
(travel, double dribble, time-out)
oIllustrators: gestures that compliment what is being spoken
oRegulators: actions that guide the flow of conversation (waving)
oDance is a popular form of self-expression
oPhysical activity is an integral part of our work
oIt produces goods and services
oSpecialists focus on improved efficiency, greater productivity, and
improved safety in the work setting
Human factors engineers
o33% of US adults are getting the physical activity they need
About 50% of adults in the Netherlands are not getting the
recommended levels of physical activity (29 hour/week)
Technological advances = physical decline
oPhysical activity is essential to work, and there are many risks in the
oState of being vital to humans
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