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Lecture 8

KIN 5804 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: FafsaPremium

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Jeremiah Carter

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Financial Aid
Monday, March 26, 2018
6:03 PM
Counter: is an individual who is receiving financial aid that is countable against
the aid limitations in a sport
Typically this is athletic aid, but may also be
o Outside scholarships
Choice of institution is limited by donor of the aid
There is a direct connection between the donor and the SA's
o Grant funds
Full Grant-In-Aid (full scholarship)
Financial aid consisting of
o Tuition and required fees
o Room and board
o Course-related books
o Cost of attendance - relatively new
Different for each institution
Determined by the financial aid office
Student-Athlete may receive:
Institutional financial aid
Other permissible financial aid - non-countable outside aid
Financial aid from outside sources
*total may not exceed cost of attendance
A student-athlete is ineligible if he/she receives countable institutional aid
that exceeds the value of the cost of attendance number for a full grant-in-
aid for that institution
Elements of Financial Aid
Permissible fees:
o A SA may be awarded financial aid that covers the payment of fees if the
institution pays these same fees for other students
Elements of Room and Board
Institution may provide a SA financial aid that includes the cost of room and
board, based on the official allowance for a room as listed in the institution's
official publication and a board allowance that consists of three meals a day
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