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Materials Science
MATS 3011
Bharat Jalan

Lecture 2212014Friday February 21 2014225 PMHw 3due wedRecapdiffusion mechanismsvacancyinterstetial faster than vacancy bc small atom size interstitial spaces are always therevacancies are randomhard to find themgrain boundarydiffusion is a timedependent processthat is quantity of elementspecies that isare transported win another vary as a function of timeconsider a species in the hostAmt transformedtime proportional to Areaconcentration differencethicknesslast class multiplied by thickness but that was wrongAmt transfertimearea proportional toconcentration differenceDeltazexpression on leftfluxJiDiffusion constantflux of species i JDdcdz Ficks first lawUnit of J fluxmassunit areatimeor can have moles instead of mass333unit of c concentrationmolescm molesL masscm atomscm etc22units of Dcmtime ms minute or hr as well etc MatSci Page 1
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