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Political Science
POL 1201
Elizabeth Beaumont

The Muqaddimah Theory of Historical Cycles of Power and Civilization A "Handbook" for Leaders History of the Region History of Personal Life Desert Civilization • 1) Political Organization ◦ relative political equally (chiefs are 1st among equals) ◦ No codified legal structure ◦ Combative or militant • 2) Economic Organization ◦ Agriculture and animal husbandry ◦ subsistence level of development • 3) Culture ◦ Self-reliant ◦ Courage/Fortitude ◦ Strong sense of community/group feeling ◦ Characterized by struggle • All civilizations begin in this manner • this changes, leads to a different form of society Sedentary Civilization • 1) Political Organization ◦ Consolidated Political Authority ◦ State-like behavior (laws, taxation, army, court) • 2) Economic Organization ◦ Division of Labour ◦ Surplus ◦ Development of crafts and sciences • 3) Culture ◦ Dependency ◦ Laziness, comfortable, lack of hardiness ◦ Loss of sense of community ◦ Materialism, acquisitiveness, desire for tranquility Group feeling • c
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