INLS 151 Lecture 24: Information Access Notes

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University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Information and Library Science
INLS 151

Information Access Notes  Libraries and Access at UNC o UNC has around 9.2 million volumes of books o It takes 24 million to pay all the library workers at UNC o 45.5 million is how much we pay to give all library access here at UNC including facilities) o Numbers from as of two fiscal years ago  UNC has 2,759 individual e-only journal titles  These cost over 3 million  UNC has access to 42 databases  These cost almost 4 million  Interlibrary loans  These are when someone requests titles we do not have from other libraries  This means that our already huge collection was still insufficient  18,810 titles in 2013-2014 o What will happen to your access when you graduate?  You will lose your access  This is because they require you to use your ONYEN and yours will no longer work.  If you are on campus and connected to the network you can still access o This still requires and ONYEN o You could also get a borrowing card  This has a charge but it lasts a lifetime and is not that large  This is like a library card but for specific things  Information Access: The Digital Divide o Strongly correlated to income and education o Information “poor”  Underserved groups such as racial and ethnic minorities, unemployed individuals, people living on low incomes, people with specifically low literacy levels, people in rural areas, people with disabilities or impairments, migrant groups, and elderly people o The original conversation was about access to technology and information  Now shifted more toward disparities in digital information literacy  This is the Cancro article’s main topic  Professor working here example o We are paying the salary o What does this person do? How do you make your keep?  Paid to teach  Paid to research  Say this person writes a manuscript  Why do they want this published? o The goal in general/ the system we bought into is that we all want to grow the world’s body of knowledge o We publish in the journal so people everywhere can learn  How do you get something published? o You first submit the work to the board of reviewers  These still count as review staff  You can submit to experts—this is a peer reviewed journal  These still count as review staff  None of these people are paid  The only compensation for being on the review board is getting to put it on your
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