ENC1143 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Philosophes, Organization Of American Historians, Puritans

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Published on 16 Oct 2016
- At the sae tie of the sietifi eolutio, the ats eae lage tha life, hih as hat
the Baroque movement was all about.
- All about rationalism (epistemology in particular)
- Awesome (in the most literal way); always trying to outdo the Greek and Romans.
o Example: commentary within commentary seen in the many translations of Don Quixote
- ’s: Potetoate Coell uled oe Eglad as a oah ot a kig though; Lod
- Milton:
o Worked under Cromwell
o Hyper-polyglot
o He and Cromwell were Puritans and Republicans
Puritanism = Protestantism minus any traces of Catholicism
Coell did’t at to e a kig eause to e a kig as assoiated ith the
Anglican Church and he was Puritan.
o Thinks everyone is an idiot afte seeig Coell’s dead od disespeted, ut the
people askig his Coell’s hilde to ule. Also he Chales II does ot ut ess
o Paradise Lost showed how detached people are from their (historical) past.
Milton saw a rift between the old ways and new ways (ex: Renaissance, which
was all about reviving the old vs. Baroque, which was all about outdoing the
Past (classical) vs Future (Modern)
Itetioall efeeed a lot of dead ideas fo aious philosophes ad
Had Biblical references as well as Greco-Roman beliefs.
Somehow brought together something monotheistic and something
polytheistic. (ambitious af)
Controversial because it was all about Satan.
Gae hi diesio; alloed to eploe “ata’s side of the sto.
If id eates ealit, the “ata ust also hae a id, theefoe e
must consider his perspective to get the entire story. In doing so, we will
also eeal the a of God i God’s teatet of his eeies.
Content-wise: referenced well-known Biblical figures (familiar to the
people) but focused on Satan (revolutionary)
Form: in the form of an epic (familiar) but its meter bounced from place
to place to make readers feel like they are falling with Satan.
Used Germanic words (long) and Latin words (short) = choppy flow;
unfamiliar words made readers feel lost, which represented how
detached they were with the classics.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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