ENC1143 Lecture 13: Rise of American Authors And the American Identity

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14 Nov 2016
American Literature
Walt Whitman
- Totally ignored the rules of poetry.
o Doig this added to the Aeria idetit so a people ere trig to
pinpoint and define. Even now, going against the rules and revolting appear to be
er Aeria thigs to do. “ie this outr’s eistee is rooted i
- Leaves of Grass explained:
o The ter leaes is ot tpiall used to describe parts of grass but Whitman
thought lades or shoots ere too iolet.
Leaves also refers to pages of a book.
o In papermaking businesses, workers called unusable or super crummy paper
o Therefore, the title asiall eas Pages of Crapp Paper.
Which is interestingly self-deprecating.
Also, an inside joke.
o So there was no sense of any attempt to impress anyone with his knowledge.
Not a poet aoe ou ut a poet ho’s oe of ou
o Odd optimism with underlying hints at depression or sel-deprecation.
- Moby-Dick known for its style, or arguably, lak thereof. It does ot stik to oe stle.
o Paradoxes
getting on a boat: Ishmael is so casual about being a sailor when becoming
one at the time was super dangerous.
Setting: not America, despite this text being known as an American piece.
Ishmael: not a typical American name (for a Caucasian child).
Ishael’s opaio as a Polesia sailor. “o, ot Aeria.
o Hard to say it represented America at all despite its notoriety; ut it’s lear that
Melville liked to play with the ideas of unity and diversity.
Seen in the paradoxical aspects explained above.
o Motif of the sea: opportuities.
Elusie to the U.“. durig Melille’s tie i the a that a
immigrants crossed it to give themselves or their children the opportunity
to lie the Aeria Drea.
Historical Context Relating to Lincoln and Other Info
- Faous for saig, A house diided aot stad. ad of ourse, other thigs
- Lincoln was elected, South Carolina secedes from the Union, and then he was inaugurated.
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