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World History
Denice Fett

Ancient Levant and Early Empires th August 28 , 2013  Monopolies of Violence o Types of violence o Types of control o Who exercises these and why?  Religion plays a large role in this idea—used by governments, politicians, and rulers to justify decisions  Neolithic or Agricultural Revolution o “Fertile Crescent” Near East- Jericho 8500 BCE o China –Yellow River 5000 BCE, Yangtze 4000 BCE o West Africa—4000 BCE (?) o Americas—Peru 3000 BCE, Mexico 2000 BCE o Human society couldn’t really survive without beer (calories)  Urban Revolution o Have to have ability to domesticate animals and crops o Requires:  Moderate climate  Source of water  crop cultivation o Mesopotamia—3500 BCE o Egypt—3100 BCE o Navarre has less than 5000 people and would have been considered a large city in this era o The Nile is a reliable river whereas the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers are not. o Had to keep citizens fed and watered in order to decrease revolts
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