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Lecture 33

GERO 200 Lecture 33: GERO Lecture 33 (4/24/17)

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Gerontology (UNO)
GERO 200

GERO Lecture 33 (4/24/17) Education Programs ● OLLI ○ Lifelong learning for persons 50+ ○ 120 colleges in US ■ Including UNL ● Road Scholar Program ○ Formerly known as Exploritis or Elderhostel ○ Education and travel for persons age 55+ ○ All 50 states have them Osher Lifelong Learning Institute ● Began in 2000 ● Targets the mature student, not necessarily served by the standard continuing education curriculum ● Joy of learning without grades and exams OLLI at UNL ● Sonoma State University one of the first OLLI grant awarded universities ● UNL received first $100,000 grant in 2004 to get the program organized ● A $1,000,000 endowment grant was awarded in 2008 ● 2012 - 1000 members in UNL OLLI program ● 6-week courses, 90 minutes/week, two 6-week sessions per semester ● Emeritus professors and some current professors teach the courses ● Cost: $70/year membership fee, $30/course. A $50 membership fee if you start at mid- semester ● Scholarships are awarded if a person cannot pay Road Scholar ● Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel) inspires older adults to learn, discover, and travel ● The learning adventures open minds to new ideas and deepen understanding of oneself and the world’s peoples, places, cultures, history, and environment ● At true university of the world ● A non-for-profit organization that provides meaningful - often transformation - educational adventures that engage people for whom learning is the journey of a lifetime ● Need to be in fairly good health ○ No walkers, wheelchairs ● Cofounded by: ○ Marty Knowlton ■ Activist - fought ageism ■ WWII Veteran ■ Died at age 88 in 2009 ○ David Bianco ○ 1975 Volunteer Programs ● Senior Corps established in 2002 as part of USA Freedom Corps ● Volunteer programs for Americans age 55+ ○ Seniors get small stipend ■ Minimum wage in the area you’re doing the volunteer work at ● Older adults serve 15-40 hours per week Senior Corps Programs ● Foster grandparents ● Senior companions ● RSVP Foster Grandparents ● Volunteers age 60+ ● Provide mentorship for disadvantaged or disabled youth ● Support children with exceptional needs ● Not funded by the OAA ○ Older Americans Act ● A lot of times they are retired teachers Senior Companions ● Volunteers age 60+ ● Provide assistance and companionship to other seniors ● Vigorous elders help other elders ● Support for frail elders and for caregivers ○ Respite care RSVP ● Volunteers age 55
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