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University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Religious Studies Program
RELG 307

find more resources at RELG307 Lecture 17 Notes  Jesus feeds 4,000 (Mark 8) o Pharisees came and started arguing for a sign from heaven  Jesus asks why they seek a sign  No sign shall be given to this generation o Jesus criticizes them for being worried about having no bread  ▯Do you ▯ot yet u▯de▯sta▯d?▯  would anyone understand?  Mark seems to have engaged in some symbolism with 12 and 7 o 12 signs of zodiac, tribes of Israel, disciples o 7 days of the week, traditional planetary spheres, men of good repute which were set aside as deacons in the book of Acts  the dis▯iples do▯’t e▯e▯ u▯de▯sta▯d Jesus  they are never even able to say Jesus was the Son of God o they do▯’t ▯eally k▯o▯ WHO Jesus is  Trip to Bethsaida o Jesus heals a blind man  Spits on his eyes and asks him if he can see  Said he saw men that looked like trees  Jesus spits again  He sees everything clearly  DI“CIPLE“ CAN’T “EE WHAT JE“U“ I“ DOING, YET THE PEOPLE JE“U“ I“ HEALING “EE AND SPEAK CLEARLY  ▯Who do ▯e▯ say that I a▯?▯ o reasonable guesses  John the Baptist, Elijah, a prophet  Jesus has baptized, resurrected, has control over weather, and prophesized  The Son of Man must suffer many things, be rejected, killed, and rise again o He said this plainly  Unlike ANYTHING else that He had said  This is related to His general theory of the Messianic secret o Peter took him and rebuked Jesus  Jesus rebuked Peter  ▯Get ▯ehi▯d ▯e, “ata▯! You a▯e ▯ot o▯ the side of God, ▯ut o▯ the side of ▯e▯!▯ o what did he mean? find more resources at find more resources at o Who is Jesus talking about when He talks in the third person (the Son of Man)?  One of the problems with being the Messiah, Jesus must be a mortal hero whom God has adopted  Not really a divine figure o Changes when the Word spread as people stopped thinking about the Bible in Israelite terms  Thought Jesus was a divine being because he was the son of some God  At least a hero (because when Greek gods had intercourse with human beings, they produced heroes as offspring)  God represents a royal figure  Peter is only thinking as a human o Passion: He will be killed and rise again  So why does Mark not show scenes of the risen Jesus communicating with his disciples after resurrection?  Co▯side▯i▯g ▯esu▯▯e▯tio▯ appea▯a▯▯es… o Mark 9  After 6 days (why 6?)  Jesus took Peter, James, and John to a mountain where he was transfigured and his clothes became dazzlingly white  Elijah and Moses appeared to talk with Jesus  Re▯e▯▯e▯ the ▯uestio▯ ▯Who do people say I a▯▯ o He▯e He is ▯ith people’s guesses  Peter wanted to make booths for each of the men  He did▯’t k▯o▯ ▯hat to say  Was afraid o This is an identical phrase to the women who will find the tomb empty in the future  A voice came out of the cloud  ▯You a▯e ▯y Belo▯ed “o▯▯  Jesus told them to tell no one until He was resurrected (prophecy was fulfilled)  Kept event secret, but questioned within themselves what the
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