ENGL 350 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Gudrun, Nibelungenlied, Asteroid Family

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7 Feb 2017

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The Nibelungenlied Ch. 6-9
-mention of a queen who is notorious for having killed hundreds of
knights who attempted to bear her at 3 different activities in the hopes of
beating her and winning her love. (javelin, boulder throw, and fight).
-Gunther wants to try and beat her, yet Siegfried agrees to help him on
the condition that if he helps him woo the queen and succeeds, he must
have Kriemhild's hand in marriage.
Ch. 6: Preparation for the Journey
Siegfried takes his invisible cloak
When wearing it he gains the strength of 12 men, including that of his
Going to wear splendid clothing, four men total
1 Gunther
2 Siegfried
3 Hagen
4 Doncart
3 different outfits for everyday; made by Kriemhild and her ladies
Siegfried appoints himself captain of the expedition
Ch.7: Arrival at Brunhild
They see beautiful women sitting at the windows of the castle
-it is custom in this country for one to not wear their armor when inside
their kingdom
-Siegfried talks with Queen Brunhild and tells her about Gunther's
proposition for marriage, at which point she gets ready for the games
which will determine whether or not she will become his wife
A little bit before starting, Siegfried puts on his invisible cloak
This he does to help Gunther by performing Gunther's actions while
making it seem like it is Gunther.
-with Siegfried's help, Gunther is able to beat Brunhild in battle, thus
wining both the challenge and Brunhild as his wife.
Siegfried Characterization:
He had SOME relationship with Brunhild before Gunther ever heard of
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