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Lecture 1

NUTR 244 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Health Equity, Occupational Safety And Health, Nutrigenomics

Course Code
NUTR 244
Susanne Anderson- Riedel

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Introduction to Nutrition
Food(plant) <-> Nutrition(science)
Nutrition – the study of food, nutrients, and other chemical components and their effect
on health
oConsumption, digestion, absorbance, metabolism, transport, utilization,
interactions, excretions
oA science that is still in its infancy
oEarly 20th century – study of combatting nutrient deficiency
oLate 20th century – study of preventing and treating chronic disease and promoting
health and wellness
oContinues to evolve – study of nutrigenomics
Proper nutrition can help us:
1) Improve health status
2) Prevent certain diseases
3) Achieve and maintain a desirable weight
4) Maintain energy and vitality
Why is it important?
Promotes lifelong wellness
oAbsence of physical and mental disease/decline
oComponents of wellness: physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and occupational
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