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Lecture 6

PSY 240 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Likert Scale, Operational Definition, Discriminant ValidityPremium

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PSY 240
Nathan Singley

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Psychology 240 (Nathan Singley)
Yellow = Important Concepts
Chapter 4: Measurement
University’s library page
Review paper is overall concept
Experimental paper is one specific study
Constructs/concepts which may be measured in several different ways
In a specific context, the variable must be operationalized
Operational definition defines the variable in terms of how it will be
quantitatively/numerically measured
Nominal Measurement
Categorical; qualitative
Classifying rather than measuring
o Gender, hair color, profession, state of origin
Ordinal Measurement
Ranking; order
Ranking in order from least to greatest or vice versa
o Placement in finishing a race, rank in height, highest level of education, Likert
Interval Measurement
Numeric measure with equally spaced values
Has an arbitrary zero value
o Temperature in Fahrenheit, pH level
Ratio Measurement
Numeric measure with equally spaced values
Has a “true” zero value
o Time elapsed, distance
Reliability of Measures
Test-retest reliability is the measure stable over time?
Alternate forms reliability is the measure stable across forms of presentation?
Interobserver reliability is the measure stable across observers/raters?
Split-half reliability is the measure stable across all of its own measurements?
Validity of Measures
Face validity does it appear to measure what is intended?
Content validity does it capture all aspects of the variable?
Criterion validity how does it compare to other criteria of the measure?
Construct validity
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