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Lecture 22 - Bela Bartok, Aaron Copland, and Martha Graham

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MUS 1302
Jerry M.Cain

BLA BARTK 18811945Hungarian composer pianist Professor at the Budapest Academy of Music and apioneering scholar of ethnic musicsToured larger Europe as a concert pianistduring early 1900s although few of hisown works were published before 1918Scholar who did fieldwork inremote peasantvillages of the AustroHungarian Empirerecording and studying ethnic musicaltraditions ultimately compiling more than10000 Romanian Slovak and Hungarianfolksongs EthnomusicologyThe scientific study collection and classification of music in nonWesterncultures ie outside the Western artmusic tradition we study in this class The origins of ethnomusicology must be viewed in the context of nationalism and primitivism aesthetic ideals that were very influential inthe late nineteenth and early twentieth centuriesAlthough first known primarily as a piano virtuoso Bartk won renown inEurope after the production of his ballet A fbl faragott kirlyfi op 13The Wooden Prince at the Budapest Opera in 1917 followed by the revivaland successful performance of his earlier opera Bluebeards CastlePassionately antiNazi at a time when fascist ideologies were increasinglyinfluential in his homeland in 1940 he reluctantly immigrated to the UnitedStates where he performed with his wife Ditta and conductedethnomusicological research for Columbia University
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