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Lecture 19

Lecture 19

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PSY 1001

Social DevelopmentI Vygotskys Theory of Development Vygotsky differs from Piaget in one major way Piaget and many others tend to focus only on the child as the main factor in development Vygotsky stresses the importance of cultural and social factors in the development of thinking The idea here is that the mind is constructed by social forces Vygotsky proposed two mechanisms for mental change INTERNALIZATION social factors become part of the individual WORKING WITHIN THE ZONE OF PROXIMAL DEVELOPMENT gap between current developmental level and potential developmental level II Attachment Attachment is the strong bond formed between a child and a caregiver usually a parent and often Mom A Cupboard theory Stresses the role of basic biological needs especially food in attachment Mom is a cupboard that you get food from similar to the cupboard in your kitchen B Comfort not cupboard Bowlbys attachment theory states that attachment is caused by the need for comfort not purely biologically driven needs although these are also important This theory can be viewed as a homeostatic theory as are man
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