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Religious Studies
RELS 1001
Jay Holstein

Lecture 10Yad Va Shem Cont only appears once in the Hebrew Bible Everlasting memorial said in parallel to Yad Va Shem not an idiumanybody is welcom in the HOuse of the Lord if they observe the Sabbath human holiday not Jewish Christian American or anything else help those who cannot help themselves the only certain happiness in life is to help others meaning and purpose of life do it for no other reason but to be welcome in the house of the Lord Key to getting rid of Nazicism opositeIn Hebrew Bible there is no necessity to missionize not in turning non Isrealites to Isrealites3 important non Isrealites in the bibleJethro preist of Midianhas two names one of the few to have the honor Second nameRevelthey saw God to understand this man you must seek God also the fatherinlaw of MosesUriah the Hitite never given a second name Uriah meansincondescent brilliance of the Lord was amond inner circle of David 30 warriars and 30 conselors one of the very few non Isrealites in this inner circle oUriah was married to Bathsheba meaning daughter of Sheba but she was not the daughter of Sheba one of the very few people whos name is different from them her father was also in this inner circleoUriah was betwen loyalty to his king and loyalty to his woman he is magnificent he is the only individal who has dialog with David that shames David and forces him to look within Ruth of MoabMoabites result
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