AVS 101 Lecture 17: Lecture 17 Notes part 2

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University of Rhode Island
Animal and Veterinary Science
AVS 101
Anthony Mallilo

Lecture 17 Notes part 2 02:57 Beef Cattle Diseases (also affect Dairy Cattle) TB – Tuberculosis US has intense eradication program Herds required to be TB tested Treatment – Destroy animal Brucellosis Caused by bacteria Causes abortion Undulant fever in humans Cannot transport cattle unless Brucellosis test free Treatment – destroy animal Pink eye (Conjunctivitis) Contagious Antibiotics Internal parasites All livestock are affected by internal parasites Tapeworms, round worms, liver flukes, lungworms, etc. Dewormers Scours Treat with antibiotics Up to 20% fatality Difficult to control Sanitation Shipping Fever Stress related Change in environmental and management Acute respiratory disease Stress Animal’s ability to combat disease is decreased when stressed Swine Most US swine population is in Corn Belt – Iowa, Illinois, Indiana Food is #1 cost in animal production 860 million in world, 55 million in US Trends Years ago – consumer desired fatty pork Lard type – typical porky pig Hams weigh 25 lbs. Today – lean, bacon-type hog Market at 225 lbs.
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